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Robot coupe Standard stick blenders (mp)
Part Number Product Description Our Price Includes Vat

Robot Coupe Stick Blender MP600 Ultra to 300 Litre 34831
Robot Coupe stick blender or hand blender. For sauces, emulsions, sauces and coulis. MP 600 Ref: 34831 (Capacity up to 300 litres)


Robot coupe stick blender MP600 ultra to 300 litre 34831 Power: 850 Watts. Voltage: Single Phase 230v. Speed: 9500 rpm. blade and bell removable for easy cleaning, power increased by 20 %, ergonomic handle for comfortable use, increased durability due to stainless steel motor housing and bell. In line with HACCP advice the bell and blade should be stored in a cold room after use. each stick blender is delivered with wall support. overmoulded blades speciallly sharpened to guarantee optimum cutting quality. Emulsifying disc to aerate sauces and give them a mousse like consistency. All stainless steel removable blade, bell and shaft (length 600mm). It is recommended to use the MP 600 with a pan support. Patented removable foot and blade. Watertight foot. Delivered with: 1 stainless steel wall support. Dimensions: Height 980mm. Shaft Length600mm. Ø 125mm. Optional extra for mp 600 Ultra stick blender are pan support - 27229 pan support from 330mm up to 650mm diameter - 27227 pan support from 500mm up to 1000mm diameter - 27228 pan support from 850mm up to 1300mm diameter  See PDF            see video


Shape of the handle specifically designed to ensure a good grip and manipulation of the Power Mixer, thus reducing user fatigue.


Overmoulded blade to ensure perfect hygiene.Sharpening designed to give optimum speed and perfect quality of cut.



Entirely dismountable foot and knife ( Robot Coupe exclusive patented system) for easy cleaning, perfect hygiene and easy maintenance. Robot Coupe’s exclusive patented device has been developed as part of the HACCP procedure.



Stainless steel tube, bell and knife for a longer life (only on MP Ultra models).




Robot coupe stick blenders - The closest yet to absolute stick blending perfection. Safe to use, simply efficient, these latest models represent a revolution in hygienic food preparation. The hand held design features a powerful motor, which allows the processing of quantities up to 200 litres. The range offers Mixers, Whisk and Variable Speed functions to achieve perfect results when making soups, sauces, chocolate mousse, pancake batter, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, beaten egg whites, onion gravy, and so on. All the machines are ergonomically designed, with safety, water-tightness and ease of cleaning of paramount importance. User-friendly features include speed self-regulation system to guarantee better working comfort and processing consistency. Wall holders are supplied for easy storage of the machines. There is three groups of these robot coupe hand blenders first the Robot coupe mini range of stick blenders ideal for caterers for use on small capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis.these are the robot coupe Stick blenders MMP mini range. Then there is the  compact range of stick blenders ideal for caterers for use on up to 45 litre capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis some models with whisks these are the CMP or compact range then there is the MP or standard range for use on up to 300 litre capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis some models with whisks. So weather you are small caterers or large food producers there is a professional stick blender from robot coupe.

MP 350 Ultra




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