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Commercial catering equipment

Robot coupe is one of the world leaders in supplying food processors, vegetable preparation machines and other catering equipment to large and small caterers including machines for hospitals, hotels, restaurants and outside caterers.

The robot coupe name is known for reliability and the strength of the products will never fail to impress. These machines will complement any busy professional or catering kitchen.

Commercial R101 food processor

R101 food processor
Table top Vegetable preparation machine CL50
Table top Vegetable preparation machine CL50
Commercial blender mixer
Blixer 6 blender mixer
Floor standing vegetable prep machine
Floor standing vegetable prep machine

All robot coupe products are easy to use due to the simplicity of the innovative design incorporated in all products, the practicality of which will amaze you.

There are many different machines to choose from for every task needed. The food processors will slice, grate and dice then, with a quick change of attachments, the bowl cutter will puree or liquidise. Vegetable prep machines are solely for preparing sliced, diced and grated foods and can achieve up to one ton per hour for large users. The stick blender can process up to 200 litres at a time.

Robot Coupe’s signature Blixer machines combine the features of two well-known appliances – the cutter and the blender/mixer. Ideal for creating superb sauces, mousses and purees. Blixers are quick, efficient, easy to handle and incredibly robust. Ideal for hospital, geriatric, hotel, restaurant or food research testing. The Robot coupe blixer will bring you the complete answer to your puréeing and blending needs. The blixer is ideal for soft feeds, pâtés, mousses, etc or preparations that require that little extra care, the blixer range, with built in scrapers, keeps you in complete control.

There are many other machines in the robot coupe range and we at BBS Ltd pride ourselves on finding you the correct model for your commercial catering equipment needs, we offer free demonstrations on all these machines to help you choose.