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School Catering Machines

Anybody employed in the school kitchen or work with school catering equipment will understand how important it is to teach our future generations of how to get the right foods, schools, colleges and university’s are all using the robot coupe range of catering machines which are designed just to do this, the food processing machines are quick, and efficient so as not to let out all the flavours, taste, colour and goodness of the food processed.

Robot coupe Blixer 60 blender
Robot coupe Blixer 60 blender mixer
Blixer 6 blender mixer
Blixer 6 blender mixer

School Food processor and veg prep

R301 Food processor and veg prep
Robot coupe CL30 veg prep machine
Robot coupe CL30 veg prep machine

The vegetable preparation machines are designed to slice, grate, dice and julienne, to make the food look more appealing to students; the blades are designed so not to mush the vegetables or fruit being processed. The robot coupe juicer is a great source of vitamins through vegetables and fruits served in a different way. The name robot coupe is synonymous with quality, power and efficiency, and all theses machines allow any school, college and university restaurant kitchens to supply healthy foods, the catering machines that are now available from robo coupe are indicative of these important elements to fulfil the school catering strategy. The practicality of each machine will be clear when you use yours for the first time and every time. The simplicity yet power of the technology incorporated into each model will ensure that your processing tasks are always completed in minutes and to the highest standard. The appearance of every robot coupe is robust and practical and will suit any school restaurant and most importantly school kitchens as you can choose which model you would prefer to work with. Robot coupe will provide education with a food processing machine that cannot be beaten for all aspects of performance and value for money.