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For over 30 years Robot Coupe has been the foodservice industry leader in Catering Machine supply to magor kitchens around the world. They have lead the refinement of catering equipment and catering supplies by producing commercial food processors and vegetable preparation machines.

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When the Robot Coupe commercial food processor was developed, it was a totally new concept since food preparation slicing, dicing, shredding, and grating was done by hand making it very labour intensive. Robot Coupe introduced the commercial food processor to the catering world and made the name Robot Coupe synonymous with commercial food processors. The food processor performs a host of culinary feats. It is designed for high speed and quality vegetable processing. The Robot Coupe slices, juliennes, and shreds with the continuous feed attachment, plus it will chop, grind, puree, mix, or knead using the cutter bowl attachment. The company has become the commercial catering industry leader in the development and refinement of food processors, vegetable preparation attachments, and combination food processing units. In 1998 Robot Coupe introduced the “Blixer”—a combination food processor / blender in one machine. This machine enabled the healthcare catering industry to serve the same foods to everyone in their facility by processing any food for patients with modified diet needs all the way down to tube feedings, if needed, without the loss of any valuable nutrients. For chefs, the Blixer produces the smoothest and creamiest of purees and pâtés in just seconds.
The Robot Coupe stick blenders perform a host of culinary feats. The mixer attachment will allow you to make soups, vegetable purees and pulps while the whisk attachment is ideal for making pancake batter, mayonnaise, beaten egg whites, chocolate mousse, butter sauces, whipped cream or smooth fromage frais. The variable speed function will enable you to adjust the speed to suit each food preparation and to start the processing at a lower speed in order to reduce splashing. The power mixer is easily assembled and disassembled for maintenance and cleaning.