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Robot Coupe

The History

The idea of a machine to process food began when a French catering company salesman, Pierre Verdan, observed the vast amount of time his clients spent in the kitchen chopping, shredding and mixing. He felt there must be an easier way and he produced a simple but effective solution, a bowl with a revolving blade in the base.

In 1960 this evolved into Robot Coupe, a company established to manufacture the first “food processor” For the catering industry, this company is still going strong as world leaders in food preparation equipment. They are producing new improvements all the time with stainless steel bowls, with up to 37 discs available on food processors, vegetable preparation machines, Blixers® and many more machines.

It was in the late 1960’s that an appliance, recognisable as today as a food processor, was produced with a powerful commercial induction motor as the driving force. The domestic market had to wait until 1972 for a food processor. The Magimix processor made by Robot Coupearrived in the U.K in 1974, many of the original, R1, 1800, Magimix processors are still working today, in kitchens around the UK, and the owners are delighted to know that spares are still available for these models.

Robot Coupe celebrates 22 years in the food preparation business. Together with its French parent it now has over thirty year's experience in the design, development and manufacture of world famous food processors and vegetable preparation equipment, supplied to most of the world's top hotels and restaurants.


Now, with an even broader range of products and a history of service to caterers stretching way back beyond the history of food processors, Robot Coupe remains the one name, which can be relied upon, for vision and committment in maintaining pride and prosperity among those dedicated to culinary perfection.

The Robot coupe company has always had a great name around the world particularly the in the USA and Europe for quality of products as you will see when you browse this website.

BBS ltd has supplied spares and parts for all Magimix for over 10 years and have a site devoted to Magimix @ We have now decided to use our experience and the quality of the robot coupe products to launch this site hopefully supplying the catering industry with every robot coupe part.