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Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer Sieves

Robot coupe sieve or juicer, Automatic high speed sieving and separating machines, are a versatile addition to any busy production kitchen. Ideal for sieving soups and bisques, making vegetable purées and terrines, they are also used for automatic soft fruit pulping and separation of skins; pips etc, or for producing purées for use in sorbets, ice creams, jams, jellies etc. Robot coup has a range of remarkable juicers, including the C80, C120 and the C200 which are innovative and superbly functional. The power of the Automatic sieves is remarkable; with its unique design you can create all kinds of tasty drinks including fruit and vegetable juice for healthy diets in large quantities with very little effort, also perfect for vegetable mousse, sauces, and bisque and fish soup. Simply place the ingredients of your choice, with any combination into the juicer, press the button and wait for your juice to flow freely out.

C80 table top juicer C120 table top juicer C200 juicer and automatic sieve robot coupe sieves and spares
C80 table top juicer C120 floor standing sieve C200 juicer and automatic sieve Robot coupe juicers

The robot coupe is perfectly designed to cope with all manner of fruits and vegetables, with different textures and sizes, and the perforated baskets that are provided can be easily changed for larger or smaller fruits, while the robust stainless steel drum alternates making juices of hard fruits or vegetables simple, fast and very efficient. For fruit sieving this process is so simple and quick; most fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries will yield 90 per cent, plums, cherries, apricots yield about 80 per cent these simply need to be washed before juicing but some fruits you can prepare in advance for apples, coconuts, pineapples these will need to be chopped before hand. But the yields on these are still 85 per cent.

Juicer uses

Robot coupe is a company that provides an excellent range of powerful juicers that are simple to use and that enable any chef to experiment to their hearts content. Juice extractors all come with stainless steel 1mm sieve but there are two additional sieves available for specific uses, the 0.5mm would be used for very fine sieving and the 3mm for fruits with large stones or when texture is required in the end product. All parts in the Robo coupe juicer are stainless steel and very robust to ensure higher reliability and easy cleaning. The paddles are made from rubber to prevent any grinding of pips, fruit stones, bones or shells, giving products bitter free and a longer shelf life. The robo coupe juicer is dismantled easily and dishwasher safe, making it easy to reassemble. There is a magnetic safety system that will not allow access to the sieve whilst in operation. The robot coupe juicing machine uses a centrifugal action to produce high output, high quality end products, out weighing more tradititional methods such as food mills or strainers. This is a multi purpose machine with use in the jam making and preserves industry, vegetable mousse in tube feeding applications i.e. hospital kitchens and institutions, for sauce making industries, and in the fish manufacturing industry’s for making bisques and fish soups, also those who desire healthy eating with natural ingredients the juicer can produce healthy drinks in seconds. You will be amazed at how simple your juicer is to use, and at how much time will be saved so that you can prepare other parts of your meal without disruption. A robot coupe juicer is specially designed so that it is easy and enjoyable to experiment with all kinds of ingredients, to create many different recipes, so you can expand the customer base and create mouth-watering fruit drinks such as pomegranate juice for warm summer days, You can even make tasty soups in the winter by extracting the juice of fresh tomatoes. The versatility of this juicer is you can place any range of fruits and vegetables into your robot coupe sieve juicer and wait for the delicious results to be ready to use. A range of all spare parts are always available from this site along with other machins like vertical cutter mixers to further enhance your kitchens capabilities.


Juicer models

C80 table top model
The Robot coupe C80 is a table top machine saving space and easier to move, it has a single phase 370 watt motor and an hourly out put of 40 to 60 kgs depending on type of preparation, with a non stop processing maximum time of 30 minutes ideal for small restaurant use for making fruit pulp for musso ice cream makers, sorbets, coulis, fruit purees, jams, jellies, fruit jelly and preserves. Also for asparagus, carrot, celeriac, cucumber, leeks, bell pepper vegetable mousse and fish bisque or soup.


C120 and C200 model

The Robot coupe C120 and C200 have a much higher output 100 to 120 kgs per hour depending on preparation and are available in single or three phase, the C120 has a 900w motor the C200 a 1800w motor this makes the C200 ideal for harder fruit as in blackcurrants to be processed easier and also allows a longer non stop processing time making these ideal for larger use as food production, and large institutions. Please ring for a demonstration on these machines.