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Click to go > back to Main Catalogue > Robot coupe food processors, R food processor parts. > Robot coupe R401 Food processor, 2.5kg, R401 spare parts

Robot Coupe  R401 Food processor.
Robot coupe R401 discs and blades.
Robot coupe R401 Other parts.
Robot Coupe R401 Food processor. Robot coupe R401 discs and blades. Robot coupe R401 Other parts.
Robot Coupe Food processor R401 has a 4 litre stainless steel cutter bowl, handle and smooth blade stainless steel knife included. Stainless steel vegetable preparation bowl with ejection facility plus ABS lid, equipped with a half moon hopper (area: 104 cm2) and a cylindrical hopper (: 58mm) Discs: 2mm and 4mm slicer, & 2mm & 6mm grater. click here for more information on Robot Coupe food processors.
Accesories for Robot Coupe R401 food processor includes robot coupe fine serrated blade or knife, flat blade and coarse serrated blade and also the full range of all discs , including 6 types of julienne cutter, 1.5mm grater up to 9mm grater, shredder, 1mm slicer up to 6mm slicer, 2mm ripple cutter and parmesan disc for the Robot coupe R401 food processor. Robot coupe R401 food processor spare parts including bowls, lid, pushers, disc supports and all other parts etc. complete robot coupe parts drawings. If you cant find part in images below please click link below and ring BBS Ltd on 01252 727755. Click here for Robot coupe Parts drawings and price List for all Robot coupe R401 food processor spare parts.


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