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Specialist in supplying Robot Coupe spare parts.

BBS ltd are the accredited suppliers of Robot coupe spare parts, catering equipment and food processing equipment to caterers, food producers, Restaurants and schools. We stock a range of common parts at our warehouse or can deliver direct to customers. BBS ltd are specialist in supplying Robot Coupe Spare Parts, quickly to many schools, local goverment and councils on a proforma invoice basis. Please feel free to browse the online shop,  If there is any questions you would like to ask our trained staff about Catering machines or food processing solutions  email click here

Buy the right machine ... Buy the Correct part 

BBS ltd offer a Free "no obligation" onsite Demostration with Robot Coupe machines

Ring us now for details 01252 727755

Robot Coupe Food Processors with Spares

Robot coupe food processor

Robot Coupe is renowned as the inventor of Food Processors, the machines that have revolutionised the menu. The combined vegetable preparation and high speed cutter mixer not only brought speedy 'mise en place' to the kitchen, but enabled the creation of many new dishes and extended the menu in catering establishments throughout the world. Robot coupe provides a range of food processor models to suit all catering needs and all sizes of parties. These model is specifically designed to prepare a huge variety of food for a small caterers or restaurant with up to 300 covers. With the robo coupe you can make a wide range of different recipes such as soups, sauces, bread dough, purees and dips for guests in minutes, and create tasty treats for your customers in no time. 

Robot coupe Vegetable Preparation with Spares

Vegetable preparation catering MachineWhatever your requirements in vegetable preparation, Robot Coupe can help. With machine outputs ranging from 70 to 900 kgs per hour, a wide selection of discs and grids, and speciality hoppers for some models, we have the answer. robo coup are perfect for those who want efficient technology on a larger scale, designed to suit a more compact kitchen. The Robot coupe vegetable preparation machine works perfectly in cosier spaces ensuring that the maximum amount of power is used whilst minimising the use of space. This unique model with its selection of highly functional discs will make it so simple for you to create a range of food preparations and make the process extremely efficient. These machines are aimed at the restaurant industry, institutions, schools, colleges, delicatessens and caterers. 

Robot Coupe Vertical Cutter Mixer with Spares

Bowl cutters catering machinesVertical Cutter Mixers (VCM's) are high speed, versatile food processors. Typical preparation times for all models: pastry mixed in 20 seconds; dough mixed and kneaded in less than 2 minutes; bowl of mayonnaise made in 1 minute; parsley, meat or vegetables fine chopped in the same time; plus numerous other mixing and chopping tasks. Features include adjustable blades for small or large quantities, one blade for most tasks, all parts in contact with food are easily removed for cleaning and bottom blade design gives better vortex action during processing. Sous-vide available for most models.


Robot coupe Blixer with Spares

Blixer, Blender mixer catering machine.Hospital, Geriatric, Hotel, Restaurant or Food research testing we bring you the complete answer to your puréeing and blending needs. For soft feeds, patés, mousses, etc. or preparations that require that little extra care the Blixer range, with built in scrapers, keeps you in complete control. Thanks to the Blixer, it has become possible to serve mixed vegetables, like a carrot mousse emulsified in vinegar, thus ensuring the complete preservation of vitamins, flavour and taste of the end-product. the blixer features a Hardwearing stainless steel motor shaft, Special patented fine serrated knife and Patented magnetic safety system that disallows operation unless correctly assembled, on the safety side the Machine stops as soon as the cover is opened, the robo coup blixer has a  Leak-proof lid with built-in scraper. 

Robot Coupe Stick Blenders with Spares

Stick blender catering machineThe closest yet to absolute stick blending perfection. Safe to use, simply efficient, these latest models represent a revolution in hygienic food preparation. The hand held design features a powerful motor, which allows the processing of quantities up to 200 litres. The range offers Mixers, Whisk and Variable Speed functions to achieve perfect results when making soups, sauces, chocolate mousse, pancake batter, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, beaten egg whites, onion gravy, and so on. All the machines are ergonomically designed, with safety, water-tightness and ease of cleaning of paramount importance. User-friendly features include speed self-regulation system to guarantee better working comfort and processing consistency. Wall holders are supplied for easy storage of the machines.


Robot Coupe Juicers, Automatic Sieves with Parts.

Automatic high speed sieving and separating machines are a versatile addition to any busy production kitchen. Ideal for sieving soups and bisques, making vegetable purées and terrines, they are also used for automatic soft fruit pulping and separation of skins, pips etc, for producing purées for use in sorbets, ice creams, jams, jellies etc.

Musso Ice cream parts  

Musso are proud to provide their customers with their range of exceptional ice cream makers, and know that every model will work perfectly to deliver the best results. An ice cream maker should be the ideal combination of versatility, power and quality with the added bonus of speedy working. Musso makes sure that all these important elements are incorporated into every model, so that the ice cream you make with each product will only be the best. Musso works hard to ensure that each ice cream maker will help you to enjoy experimenting with ingredients and creating new delicious recipes for every occasion. Preparing and making ice cream should be fun and not a complicated task; the process is always simple and enjoyable with Musso products thanks to the perfect design of every ice cream maker. The machines are the same high quality as our Robot Coupe Food Processors. You can make an array of different flavoured frozen treats including ice cream, sorbet and sherbet to suit all seasons and tastes, simply place the ingredients into the machine and wait for the tasty treat. You can even choose to make your recipe low fat by using healthier food items, so that you can still indulge yourself even when you are counting the calories. There is no end to the possibilities with your ice cream machine and no limit to how much of each recipe you can make; you can entertain knowing that there will always be ample amounts and flavours for everyone to enjoy.    

Robot coupe spares

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Magimix Spares

We are a family run business based in Farnham, Surrey, England who are exclusively Magimix spare parts specialists with unparalleled experience in all things Magimix. If you are looking for a new Magimix appliance, or an accessory, or a part, we can normally supply from stock. Our service includes parts for even the most elderly Magimix Food Processors (they do last rather a long time!), and our dedicated staff are always available for advice, either on 01252 727755 or a visit to our showroom in Farnham.