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Robot Coupe Commercial Kitchen Machines

Commercial kitchen Machines  

As a leading manufacture of commercial food processors, vegetable preparation machines, stick blenders, blender mixers and many other professional food processing machines, Robot Coupe is a company that you can trust. The quality of all products is the highest that you will find , when it comes to efficiency, Robot Coupe cannot be beaten. Time saved in the kitchen is immense with savings in labour and money as well as the quality and consistency of food processed, this will always be the case when you are using Robot Coupe products. The strength of the products will never fail to impress, these machines will complement any busy professional or catering kitchen. All Robot Coupe products are easy to use due to the simplicity of the innovative design incorporated in all products, the practicality of which will amaze you.

Robot coupe spares

Robot Coupe spares Provide you with additional Robot Coupe bowls, lids, discs or double bladed knives . Robot Coupe spares can also provide accessories for RobotCoupe food processors, such as citrus presses. Also, many different Robot Coupe discs are available including slicing, grating, julienne, dicing, and the ever popular parmesan and French fry / stir fry discs.  So many tasks can be achieved with the simple change of disc, the Robot Coupe food processor helping to make your cooking experience a smooth and enjoyable one.

Robot coupe food processor

There are many models to choose from at Robot Coupe so there will always be something to suit your catering needs and the size of your kitchen. The best food processor will process ingredients with no trouble at all as the blades will be strong enough to cope with all manner of textures. There is a Robot Coupe food processor model for all forms of catering uses, the R101 model for up to 15 covers with a 1.9 litre bowl, the R201 for up to 20 covers with a 2.9 litre bowl, Robot Coupe R211 for up to 30 covers with a 2.9 litre bowl, the very popular Robot Coupe R301 Commercial Food processor for up to 70 covers, 3.5 litre bowl, stainless blades and discs and external vegetable preparation attachment. The R401 for up to 90 covers with a 4 litre bowl and, for even bigger needs, the amazing R502 for up to 300 covers with a massive 5.5 litre bowl.  The ultimate Robot Coupe commercial food processor is the the R752 for up to 400 covers with a 6.5 litre bowl which will provide for very large catering uses or a food manufacturer.

Robot Coupe Blixers

Robot Coupe’s blixer machines combine the features of two well-known appliances – the cutter and the blender/mixer. Ideal for creating superb sauces, mousses and purees.  Blixers are quick, efficient, easy to handle and incredibly robust. Ideal for hospital, geriatric, hotel, restaurant or food research testing. The RoboCoupe blixer will bring you the complete answer to your puréeing and blending needs. The blixer is ideal for soft feeds, pâtés, mousses, etc. or preparations that require that little extra care. The blixer range, with built in scrapers, keeps you in complete control.

Robot coupe vertical cutter mixers

Vertical Cutter Mixers (VCMs) are high speed, versatile food processors. Typical preparation times for all models: pastry mixed in 20 seconds; dough mixed and kneaded in less than 2 minutes; bowl of mayonnaise made in 1 minute; parsley, meat or vegetables fine chopped. Features include adjustable blades for small or large quantities with one blade for most tasks. All parts in contact with food are easily removed for cleaning and the bottom blade design gives better vortex action during processing. There is a large range available from the R2 with a 2.5 litre bowl which will provide enough for up to 20 covers to the Robot Coupe floor standing cutter mixers for soup, emulsion, puree and chopping with a 60 litre bowl for up to 3000 covers for hospital kitchen or food manufacturing use.

Robot coupe automatic juicer or sieve

The Robot Coupe automatic high speed sieving separating machines are ideal for sieving soups and bisques, making vegetable purées and terrines. They are also used for automatic soft fruit pulping and separation of skins and pips used in jam making equipment for preserves, jam and marmalade. Juicing for all fruits removes citrus fruit skins from juice, also used for producing purées for use in sorbets, ice creams, jams, jellies etc and for separating fish bones from cooked fish.

Robot Coupe stick blenders

Processing of quantities up to 200 litres. The Robot coupe Stick blenders, whisk and variable speed functions to achieve perfect results when making soups, sauces, chocolate mousse, pancake batter, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, beaten egg whites, onion gravy and so on. All the machines are ergonomically designed with safety, water-tightness and ease of cleaning of paramount importance. User-friendly features include speed self-regulation system to guarantee better working comfort and processing consistency.

There are three groups of these Robot Coupe hand blenders, first the Robot Coupe mini range of stick blenders ideal for caterers to use on small capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis - this is the Robot Coupe stick blender MMP mini range. Then there is the compact range of stick blenders ideal for caterers for use on up to 45 litre capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis - this is the CMP or compact range.  Finally, there is the MP or standard range for use on up to 300 litre capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis (some models with whisks). So, whether you are a small caterer or a large food producer, there is a professional stick blender from Robot Coupe to suit your needs.







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