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Robot Coupe Julienne Disc - French fry disc

Robot Coupe Julienne Discs 

As variety is the spice of life, your Robot-Coupe food processor or Vegetable preparation machine can be fitted with no less than 14 different different Julienne discs / French Fry discs for any fruits or vegetables you wish to Julienne or Baton. You may just need a sling plate or Vegetable preparation unit spares Give us a call 01252 727755 

J 2x2mm 
carrot / celeriac / potato
J 2x4mm carrot / beetroot / courgette / potato
J 2x6mm carrot / beetroot / courgette / potato
J 4x4mm aubergine / beet root / courgette / potato
J 6x6mm aubergine / beet root / celeriac / courgette / potato
J 8x8mm celeriac / patato / sweet potato

French fries - Potato chip - Baton discs 

F8x8mm potato F10x10mm potato F8x16 potato F10x16 potato

There are 6 different Julienne discs that fit the Following models - CL 20, CL 30 Bistro, CL 40, R 101 XL, R 201 XL, R 201 XL Ultra, R 211 XL, R 211 XL Ultra, R 301, R 301 Ultra, R 401, R 402, R 402 V.V.

2x4mm 27080 2x6mm 27081 - 2x2mm 27599 - 4x4mm 27047 - 6x6mm 27610 -  8x8mm 27048 

There are 12 different Julienne discs that fit the Following models - CL 50, CL 50 Ultra, CL 50 Gourmet, CL 52, CL 55, CL 60, R 502, R 502 V.V., R 652, R 652 V.V.

1x8mm 28172W - 1x26mm onions/cabbage 28153W - 2x4mm 27072W - 2x6mm 27066W - 2x8mm 27067W - 2x10mm 28173W - 2x2mm 28051W- 2.5x2.5mm 28195W - 3x3mm 28101W - 4x4mm 28052W  6x6mm 28053W - 8x8mm 28054W

Today, we are encouraged to eat at least 5 fresh fruits and vegetables each day. As variety is the spice of life, your Robot-Coupe vegetable preparation machine can be fitted with no less than 48 different discs for slicing, grating and dicing any fruit or vegetable you wish. They can even turn vegetables such as carrots, courgettes and celeriac into 2x10 mm ribbon pasta for steaming, shred vegetables for terrines, cut cucumber into 5x5x5 mm dice for taboullehs or cut fruit salad ingredients or couscous vegetables into 25x25x25 mm dice. Let your imagination and creativity go.



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