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Robot Coupe R4 vertical cutter 40 covers
Part Number Product Description Our Price Includes Vat

Robot Coupe R4VV Table Top Vertical Cutter Mixer 22412
Robot Coupe cutter mixer or vertical cutter mixer . Is designed to process all types of food & will mix grind, chop, knead & puree. catering for 10 to 40 Covers


Robot Coupe R4 V.V. Ref: 22442 (10 to 40 Covers) Power: 1000 Watts. Voltage: Single Phase 230v. Speed: Variable: 300 - 3000 rpm. All metal motor base. Induction motor. Magnestic safety system and motor brake. Delivered with: 4 litre stainless steel bowl, handle and smooth blade stainless steel knife included. Dimensions (HxLxW): 440 x 226 x 235mm See PDF

Additional Accessories available for Robot coupe R4 vv include. Robot coupe R4 vv Main Coarse serrated S blade is used for coarse chopping of ingredients like bread crumbs or for making dough for Robot coupe vertical cutter R4 vv Robot coupe R4 vv Main Fine serrated S blade this blade is used for fine chopping of foodstuffs or for making soups for Robot coupe vertical cutter R4v.v. Robot coupe R4 vv Main Flat S blade this blade is used to puree foodstuffs or for making smooth sauces. for Robot coupe vertical cutter R4 vv (please check model number.) Please click here for parts and accessories for R4vv bowl cutter




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