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Robot Coupe Spares Catalogue

Robot coupe CL20 veg prep spare parts
Part NumberProduct DescriptionPrice

Robot Coupe Pusher Guide for R301 Veg Preparation
This is the hinge part for the R301 please check that the pusher is the half round shape.

£30.72 (inc. VAT)

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Robot Coupe Sling Plate R301U Veg Prep Machine CL20
Robot Coupe sling plate White part that holds discs for vegetable preparation attachment. Also vegetable preparation machine CL20 100954S

£27.96 (inc. VAT)

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Robot Coupe R301 CL20 Veg Prep Round Pusher
Robot Coupe CL30 R301 black round pusher for veg prep. older machines the bottom is 5cm round and the height is 17cms please check

£11.76 (inc. VAT)

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Robot Coupe R301 Veg Slicer Lid 103534
Lid for R301 food processor vegetable preparation attachment. Please ensure that the pusher is kidney shaped as picture.

£99.36 (inc. VAT)

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Robot Coupe R301U Veg Prep Attachment Bowl Part Only
Bowl. Bottom part only For all R301 food processor vegetable preparation attachment.

£182.16 (inc. VAT)

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Robot Coupe R301 Vegetable Preparation Attachment CL20
Veg prep part with lid, pushers, bowl Complete unit except sling plate. Grey polycarbonate

£462.00 (inc. VAT)

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Robot Coupe R301 Veg Prep Pusher Plate Assembly
Robot Coupe R301 CL20 vegetable preparation pusher part that is half round shape on .Please check before ordering.

£71.64 (inc. VAT)

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Robot Coupe R301 Pusher Kidney Shaped - Veg Prep CL20
Vegetable preparation pusher. Please check that end is kidney shaped before ordering .

£80.76 (inc. VAT)

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Robot Coupe R301/U Veg Lid Assembly
For R301 food processor veg preparation Complete lid attachment. Also for Vegetable preparation machine CL20

£222.12 (inc. VAT)

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